I've published over thirty books for children and adults including Wimpy Vampire, Cosmic Colin, Dorkius Maximus and Monstrous Maud. Find out more at my Amazon page.

Praise for Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: The Undead Have Feelings Too

'This hilarious book will have you laughing your head off as you learn of the misfortune of Nigel Mullet'

- Fresh Direction

'Teens who are fans of the Twilight saga will love this laugh-out-loud parody'

- Woman's Way

'A funny lighthearted read which touches on first love...I'm just left with one question - is there going to be a sequel? I hope so!'

- Books 4 Teens

'Laugh-out-loud funny ...destined to become a cult classic'

- Advice from a Caterpillar

'Allowing all of us vamp lovin' moms to introduce our kids to our love of all things fanged in an age appropriate format'

- Paranormal Bites


Mingin' or Blingin', 2005
The Little Book of Internet Dating, 2005
The Ginger Survival Guide, 2006
Are you a Geek? 2005
The Baldies' Survival Guide, 2007
The Little Book of Twitter, 2009
Behind the Lost Symbol, 2009
The Northern Monkey Survival Guide, 2009
Wimpy Vampire series 2010-2013
Monstrous Maud series, 2011-2013
Diary of a Grumpy Old Git, 2012
Dorkius Maximus series, 2013
Cosmic Colin series, 2014